MBBS in Ukraine

MBBS in Ukraine is one of the most sought after courses by medical aspirants all over the world. This can be very well understood from the fact that a huge number of medical aspirants travel to Ukraine for studying MBBS. Ukraine as a study destination for MBBS has gained a lot of popularity among the students, particularly the Indian students who wish to pursue the MBBS course. So, let us read through to find out the details about the MBBS study in Ukraine.

Reasons to Study MBBS in Ukraine

There are a number of reasons for the medical aspirants to study MBBS in Ukraine which are as listed below:

  • MBBS in Ukraine is globally recognised for its global standard of medicinal studies
  • It focuses on the significant aspect of the top-quality education system
  • A number of top MBBS in Ukraine universities offer the MBBS course in English medium
  • The MBBS course of Ukraine helps in the enhancement of the interpersonal skills as well as the overall personality development of the students
  • After the completion of the MBBS course from Ukraine, the students are eligible for applying to jobs all over the world
  • The country is safe for male and female students

Courses Offered by Ukraine Medical Universities

The MBBS universities in Ukraine offer a wide range of course options for the students along with a very good student-teacher ratio. This particular system of medical education in the nation of Ukraine has created a lot of attraction among the foreign students especially the Indians which has simply attracted them to come and take MBBS admission in Ukraine.

There are a number of top MBBS colleges in Ukraine that offer different courses that are as listed below:

  1. General Medicine
  2. Pharmacy
  3. Pediatrics
  4. Prosthodontics and Dental Surgery
  5. Nursing

Duration of MBBS Course in Ukraine

The total MBBS course duration in Ukraine is of six years which includes five years of study and one year of internship. This would make it clear to the students about how many years for MBBS in Ukraine? The five years of study include theoretical as well as practical training. The one year of internship provides the students with real-time experiences in the treatment of patients. The MBBS course in Ukraine aims at providing complete knowledge to the enrolled medical students. It also aims at achieving an all-round development. Universities/colleges make efforts to make sure that medical students become successful doctors in the time to come.

The Validity of MBBS Course in Ukraine

The Indian students planning to get admission to MBBS in Ukraine many times questions whether the Ukraine MBBS is valid in India or not. The same question also comes in the mind of the students from other countries as well. So, here it becomes extremely important for the applicants to know that MBBS in Ukraine is valid all over the world including India.

The MBBS course in Ukraine has recognition from the following medical bodies in India and around the world:

  • Medical Council of India (MCI)
  • World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), and more

Thus, it can be very clearly understood about the validity as well as the recognition of MBBS in Ukraine.

Eligibility of MBBS in Ukraine

At any point of time, the aspirants wishing to study MBBS in Ukraine should have a clear idea about the MBBS in Ukraine eligibility.

It is as listed below:

  • The candidates applying for the MBBS course in Ukraine should have completed 17 years of age. It is as on or before 31st December of the year of admission to MBBS in Ukraine.
  • Any of the candidates applying for the program should not have crossed 25 years of age.
  • The applicant must have passed class 12 from any of the recognised regular board.
  • The candidates must have Physics, Biology, and Chemistry in their class twelve.
  • The candidates must have obtained an aggregate mark of 50 percent in class twelve for the general category and 40 percent for the SC/ST/OBC category.
  • It is mandatory for MBBS in Ukraine for Indian students to clear NEET with 50 percent marks. NEET is the medical entrance test conducted by the Medical Council of India.
  • It is mandatory for the MBBS abroad students to crack NEET with the minimum percentage set by MCI.

Admission Process to MBBS in Ukraine

Now, the two major questions that arise in the mind of the applicants in this regard are as follows:

  • How to apply for MBBS in Ukraine?
  • How to get MBBS admission in Ukraine?

So, here we have discussed the process of admission to MBBS in Ukraine for making it easier for the interested applicants. It will give you a clear idea about how to proceed with admission for the MBBS course in Ukraine.

Here are the steps for admission to MBBS in Ukraine:

  • The first step to follow for getting admission to the MBBS course in Ukraine is the filling up of the online application form or registration form. Applicants should do it with the utmost care and in a precise manner. Keep in mind to fill the accurate details in the application form online.
  • Then the candidates need to scan the copies of their valid passport along with all other required documents. The documents should be as prescribed by the MBBS colleges in Ukraine or the universities in which the candidates are planning to get admission. All the documents are so scanned and uploaded on the admission portal online.
  • After filling up the form along with the required documents, the applicants will receive the offer letter or the confirmation letter from the Ukrainian university or college to where the candidate has applied.
  • Once, the offer letter or the confirmation reaches you, the candidates should be arranging to make the payment of the required MBBS in Ukraine fees for the course to which they want to seek admission. Here the students need to keep it in mind that MBBS fees in Ukraine are different for different colleges and universities. So, it is mandatory to check the complete MBBS in Ukraine fees structure 2020 before the application to medical colleges or universities in Ukraine.
  • This confirms the admission of the students to their selected university or college for the MBBS course in Ukraine.
  • Once the admission gets confirmed, the immigration process begins.
  • Within a matter of a few weeks of time, the candidates can expect the letter of invitation which actually begins the process of visa application.
  • The Indian students should visit the Embassy of Ukraine in Delhi with their invitation letter for the student visa. After a few weeks, the students would be in possession of the student visa. It is actually the license to fly to Ukraine for studying MBBS.

Visa Application Process

Visa application is an extremely important step in getting admission to the MBBS course in Ukraine.

Here are the steps to follow for getting the student visa which is actually an integral part of admission to MBBS in Ukraine:

  • After the candidates get the offer letter or the invitation letter from the MBBS colleges in Ukraine or the universities, the Indian medical students need to contact the Ukraine Embassy in their own country. For instance, the Indian students need to contact the Embassy of Ukraine in New Delhi.
  • For the purpose of getting a travel permit control, the applicant needs to get the Visa Identity as well as the Medical Protection Policy during the MBBS course in Ukraine.

This wraps up the process of visa application which is quite a transparent process. All of the candidates can apply for an MBBS in Ukraine without any kind of hesitation.

Syllabus for MBBS Course in Ukraine

The syllabus for MBBS in Ukraine is designed in such a way that it provides in-depth knowledge to the candidates. It even focuses on the development of practical skills. The objective is to make all the students pursuing MBBS courses come out as successful medical practitioners over the time.

The syllabus focuses on the all-round growth of the candidates. It is of a great benefit to the achievement of success in the life of the students. The students who wish to have an access to the detailed syllabus of MBBS in Ukraine can refer to the websites of the respective colleges or universities. They can get MBBS syllabus in Ukraine pdf having the detailed information. This will certainly give the candidates a clear idea about the complete syllabus for MBBS in Ukraine.

MBBS Course Fees in Ukraine

At the time, when you have planned to study medicine in Ukraine, the first question that comes to mind is how much it cost to study MBBS in Ukraine? The good news for the students here is that the MBBS in Ukraine fees structure is an affordable one. The cost of MBBS in Ukraine again depends upon the chosen university or college for medical studies.

The MBBS in Ukraine for Indian student fees range from about 4500 USD to about 7000 USD which is about 3.5 lakh to 5 lakh INR per year. In an addition to this, there is scope for education loan for MBBS in Ukraine. Students can avail to make their finances easy for studying MBBS in Ukraine.

Why Study MBBS in Ukraine?

Now, if you are hesitating to go for medical studies in Ukraine, here are a few more important reasons as to why study MBBS in Ukraine?

The students can enjoy a lot of benefits of studying MBBS.

The few more good reasons are as listed below:

  • The complete process of admission to MBBS in Ukraine is completely transparent with a very easy and smooth admission process.
  • There is no requirement of any kind of donation or capitation fees at the time of getting admission to any of the medical colleges of Ukraine or universities.
  • The candidates need not sit for IELTS or TOEFL for getting admission to MBBS course in Ukraine.
  • All the colleges and universities offer world-class medical education to the students for a successful career ahead.
  • The faculties are adequately trained and vastly experienced. They impart quality education to the students. Moreover, the student-teacher ratio is also very good hence highly beneficial for the students.
  • The education structure of MBBS is quite innovative with bilingual education medium thereby beneficial for the students.
  • The MBBS fee in Ukraine is comparatively lower as compared to the fees in other European countries.
    All medical colleges and universities in Ukraine are recognised globally.
  • MBBS study in Ukraine is totally safe as well as secure for the foreign students of all religions. It is undoubtedly a great sigh of relief. It is advantageous especially for the Indian students since India is a country with diverse religions as well as the culture.
  • MBBS in Ukraine provides the opportunity to the students to have an interaction with some of the renowned personalities in the field of medicine.
  • During the MBBS course in Ukraine, the students get many opportunities to take part in cultural activities. They can actively participate in the international exchange programs, conferences, and several other scientific projects. This, in turn, provides the students with global exposure which would just be great for their future career.
  • Most of the foreign medical university has hassle-free admission process which you can follow easily.
  • The infrastructure of Ukrainian medical colleges and universities is just phenomenal. It provides the students with all the required ingredients for being a successful doctor in the future.

It is beneficial for the students to go through the MBBS in Ukraine reviews in detail to finally settle on a decision which they can stick to. A well-informed decision can prove to be vital for deciding the career path that lies ahead of the MBBS students in India.

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