Study MBBS in China

Why MBBS in China?

China has emerged as one of the most popular international destinations among international students, especially among the Indian students who find it difficult to get admission in Indian medical universities. Growing tough competition among the Indian students had made it difficult for them to get admission in a renowned medical university in India. The demand for MBBS in China for Indian students increased in no time. This, in turn, inspires them to choose China as one of the international destinations to study medicine.

The reasons to choose China for medicine study are as mentioned below:

  • Well experienced and qualified teaching staff who offer premium quality education
  • Low tuition fees in China inspires international students for doing MBBS studies
  • Fantastic laboratories and international teaching standards for study MBBS in China
  • There are ample scholarships available for international students
  • Lower tuition cost and accommodation cost
  • Highly trained faculty members
  • Lowest rates of accommodation
  • Education provided in the English language
  • Amazing infrastructure
  • Good student-teacher ratio to pay attention to each and every one
  • Lots of extra-curricular activities for the students
  • Most of the medical universities in China have received accreditation from international bodies like the China Engineering Education Accreditation Association, Engineering Accreditation Board of the Engineering Council, WHO. MCI, etc.

MBBS in China Fees Structure

China has low MBBS fees in China allowing the students from across the globe especially the Indian students to easily do MBBS from China without burning their pockets. The table showcases the fee structure of the top-most medical universities in China. The MBBS in China fees structure is just representative and may vary slightly.

The fees structure of some of the popular universities in China is mentioned below:


University NameDurationFee Per Year INRTotal Fee (approx.)
China Medical University6 Years4,00,00024,00,000 INR
Xinjiang University6 years3,24,00019,43,000 INR
Xiamen University6 Years3,80,00021,50,000 INR
Fujian Medical University6 Years3,50,00018,09,000 INR
Nanjing Medical University6 Years3,40,00020,95,000 INR
Yangzhou University6 Years2,99,00017,89,000 INR
Kunming Medical University6 Years3,50,00021,00,000 INR
Sichuan University6 Years3,60,00021,60,000 INR

The above-detailed MBBS in China for Indian students fee structure proves that the tuition fee is affordable.


MBBS in China for Indian Students Eligibility

MBBS in China eligibility varies from university to university, but the following eligibility criteria remain the same in most of the universities:

  • To do medicine in China, the non-Chinese citizens must be minimum of 18 years old
  • The applicants planning to do MBBS from China must have completed Physics, Chemistry, and Biology at the 10+2 Level
  • A minimum score of 60 percent marks is mandatory
  • A medical certificate and police clearance is also required
  • Must have cleared NEET with qualifying marks
  • Must have shown their proficiency in English as good fluency in English is essential.

Is MBBS Degree from China Valid in India

Medical schools for MBBS in China have recognition from MCI that allows the Indian students to practice anywhere in India and across the globe as well. Post completing the course from China, the students can start practicing medicine anywhere in the world and can have a booming career ahead.

How to Apply for MBBS in China?

The admission cycle is different for most of the universities. The admission commences from April onward every year and by June the applications close.

The overall process of admission:

  1. The admission process starts with filling up the online application form. The medical applicant must submit all the required documents at the time of admission.
  2. The students need to pay the application fees, admission fees, and the processing fees as well at the time of filling the application. Students need to pay fees for application and admission in advance.
  3. The candidates will receive the official photocopy of the admission letter once you make the payment. A university issues it within ten working days.
  4. The submitted documents will be sent for verification to the Ministry of Education in China. This is important to get a Study Visa. Without which it will not be possible for international students to get a student visa for MBBS admission in China.
  5. The receiving of the admission letter and the issuance of the Chinese visa gets completed within 30 days. The student will receive a confirmation mail as well.

How Good is MBBS in China?

Study MBBS in China for Indian students is a great option as the teaching standards at the medical universities located in the country match international teaching standards. Most of the medical schools and universities located in the country have received approval from the Chinese government. The ones that are not approved by the government are not allowed to provide medical education to the students. More than 10,000 Indian students consider China for studying medicine in the country.

The universities located in China are world-class and have a high standard of education as well. It, in turn, makes it a perfect place for doing MBBS studies.

About the Country

China is an emerging superpower. It has advanced in various fields including education. It is the world’s most populous country and the second-largest economy in the world. Medical education in China is world-class and premier. The country has a strong base of medical facilities and a chain of a large number of clinics and hospitals.

MBBS College in China provides a high quality of education in medicine. Pursuing the MBBS course from China is a promising opportunity. It opens new avenues for further professional development. The MBBS program in China has international recognition and accreditations. China is also a member of the World’s leading forums and conferences in the field of medical research and education. The Medical Council of India (MCI) has provided recognition to medical degrees in China.

The Climatic Condition

The residents in China experience different seasons at different intervals. A slight change in climatic condition is prevalent in the varied cities located in the nation. People also experience a pleasant atmosphere depending on their geographical surroundings. Summers are warm, winters are freezing, and in monsoon, there is a good amount of rain. Indian MBBS students are easily able to adjust to the prevailing weather conditions in China.

Advantage for Indian Students Doing MBBS from China

The MBBS program in China has many advantages for Indian students. The MBBS program in China means quality education at international standards and a promising career.

There are many advantages of MBBS degree in China:

  • China has the largest number of MCI recognized institutes offering medical education.
  • The Medical Council of India (MCI) has recognized more than 45 universities.
  • The MBBS degree instruction is in the English medium. There are no compulsions of learning a local language or any passing any international language test.
  • Premium and a world-class medical degree are available at an affordable fee.
  • Students have found a positive response as far as MBBS in China reviews matters
  • There are expert teaching faculty in most of the institutions
  • The MBBS curriculum in China is very similar to the MBBS curriculum in India.
  • The hostel accommodation and other facilities like Wi-Fi, local transportation, etc. are easily available.
  • There is no entrance test or qualifying exam for admission in China
  • The coaching for clearing MCI screening is available at many places
  • The college campuses have good infrastructure and offer all the modern amenities
  • China holds a good record of students who clear the Post-graduate entrance exams in countries like the UK and the United States of America.

MBBS Course Duration

The entire MBBS course duration of medicine study in China is 6 years. The course includes the first 5 years of classroom studies and later one year of internship. In this way along with theory-based knowledge, the MBBS students also gain practical knowledge as well.

Hostel Facility

Most of the well-known universities in China offer hostel facilities to international students that help them in making their stay comfortable and safer. There are many different accommodation options available for the students while studying MBBS China. They don’t face any difficulty and in fact, can explore different accommodation options outside the college as well.

A Glimpse on the Facilities in Hostels

  • Spacious rooms
  • Rooms on sharing basis for 2-3 students
  • Properly furnished and ventilated rooms
  • Accommodation at a low price
  • Hostel canteen with clean and healthy food
  • Clean and adequate water supply 24×7
  • CCTV surveillance all over the hostel area
  • Officials to check discipline

Documents for MBBS Course Admission

  1. Academic documents of 10th and 12th class
  2. Government-approved Birth Certificate
  3. Documents of your medical fitness test
  4. Passport copy
  5. NEET scorecard
  6. Clear passport size photographs
  7. Nationality certificate/Aadhaar Card

Indian Students in China

There are many Indian students already enrolled in China-based medical universities. Many Indian medical candidates try to seek admission to the MBBS course every year. International students studying in China will undoubtedly have a great learning experience and will have a combination of studies, fun, and enjoyment while studying MBBS in China. The country offers a good learning atmosphere for international students. China MBBS is valid in India and it offers a platform to medical candidates to exchange their views with each other. They can enhance their knowledge as well.


Most of the medical universities in China have received a place in the World Directory of Medical Schools. The global medical council such as ECFMG, GMC, AMC, MCI, etc. have provided accreditation to most of the popular Chines universities. The universities in China have received recognition also from World Health Organisation (WHO). The students post getting their MBBS degree can work anywhere in the world.

About Scholarships for MBBS in China

How much does it cost to study MBBS in China? The answer is a cost-effective budget. To encourage international students to study in China, most of the universities and colleges offer many internships as well as scholarship opportunities to eligible students. The additional financial aiding helps medical students to support their education in a foreign land.

There are various kinds of scholarships available for international students who plan to do MBBS in China.

A few of them are as below:
  • Government Scholarships
  • Awards (Under this program talented students get awarded for showing amazing academic skills. Both, UG and graduate students can get this scholarship)
  • Private Funds and many individual college scholarships as well

Besides students who are not competitive enough for the full scholarship can also opt for a partial scholarship.

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